About Saba Wahid

Saba Wahid is a dynamic personality on and off screen. She really and truly does enjoy life to the fullest by surrounding herself with a diverse group of friends, family, and loved ones. She has had a colorful upbringing rooted in her Pakistani ethnic origin balanced with her American born and raised attitude.

Saba prides herself on her ability to adapt in any environment, but the place where she feels most at ease is in the kitchen. Her creativity and enthusiasm in this setting is unique because she manages to incorporate all of the elements that are important in her life and communicates it in the wonderful world of gastronomy.

In the past couple of years Saba has developed her culinary resume along with her media presence in the International spectrum. After she joined the team at Dubai One, she Co-Hosted the First Season of a magazine style show called Ask One, which aired from September 2010 to December 2010. This then developed into Dubai One’s Premier Lifestyle show called Studio One which aired 5 days a week Live from January 2011-June 2011. It was an exciting action packed season filled with Celebrity Guests, Top Fashion Tips from Stylists to the Stars, and Culinary Gurus from all over the world.

In addition to presenting the show with Co-Host Tom Urquhart, Saba also presented a weekly cooking segment on the show that gained incredible momentum on the “Foodie Scene” of Dubai, and gained her a weekly recipe feature in Ahlan! Magazine. There are a lot more projects under way, so be sure to stay in touch through Saba Wahid on Facebook, Saba’s Blog: Culinary Delights, By Saba Wahid, Instagram, Twitter, and Web-Site for regular updates.

Saba is a fun and outgoing person, who is constantly on the hunt for next best thing when it comes to creating or enjoying food. She not only enjoys making her own scrumptious meals, but is also considered a culinary expert in the Middle East region. Having worked with and interviewed some of the best chefs in the world, she has gained well rounded perspective in the food and beverage industry regionally as well as globally.

Currently Saba is working as the Resident Chef and Appliance Educator at Yale Appliance in Boston Massachusetts.  She has also recently become a mother, and is learning the balance of the working mom lifestyle. 

There is no holding Saba back! She is creative, passionate, and driven for success, so make sure you keep up to date with all her where abouts and culinary activities. SabaWahid.com is the best place to get that information, but she is actively on Instagram as well. Stay in touch and up to date with what’s hot and what’s not in Saba’s World!